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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Descriptive Essay
The booming sound of the door is the first thing my sensitive ears hear in the morning. The burning, shiny, and annoying yellow light feels like looking directly at the sun atmidday. It definitely forces my eyes to open. The fact of remembering that today is Monday makes me want to go back to my hibernation state. Everything around me is foggy and maybe is because I don’thave my glasses on. I try to touch the freezing ground and when the top of my foot got the minimum contact with the ground, my body makes a grunt.
I finally start forcing my body to move toward thebathroom but it feels as if I were walking the Great Wall of China, endless. I get to the bathroom, and look at myself in the mirror. My hair, which is supposed to be straight, is all sloppy, my eyeslook like the eyes of a Basset Hound, my skin is all pale; I look like a zombie. I stretch my arm toward the shower and turn it on. I feel as if I was under a rainstorm of boiling water and it burn myskin. I start walking to my room, I think for about 5 minutes what I’m going to wear, when a wonderful, peachy, and divine smell of bakery decide to make me company while I dress up. I go directly tothe genesis of that wonderful smell; and there it was, so beautiful waiting for me to attack him and at the same time enjoy it. I look at the sandwich one last time and finally took a bite; it tasteslike heaven.
I enjoy that moment so much that I forgot what time it was. My mom starts yelling at me to get ready. My morning mood reflects in my face while I go to my room to take my school’smaterials. Outside the only thing you hear are the grasshoppers and one or two cars passing by the avenue. I mount myself in the car and ignore even the most quiet whisper. I put on my headphones and startdaydreaming. Everything feels in motion, as if I was on a Star Wars’ spaceship trying to skip the lasers. Suddenly everything stops, there is no movement. When I open my eyes and look to my right, I...
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