It's a small world of big conglomerates

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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It's a Small World of Big Conglomerates

The Oxford dictionary defines meat as the flesh of an animal or bird as food. Food is the biggest selling item in the world, and as the big sellerit surrounds almost if not all business in the world. In Robert W. McChesney’s article “It’s a Small World of Big Conglomerates” it is described the ownership of the world as being shared by mayorcorporations and the mayor companies that dominate the global media market. As one reads the article one realizes the basically everything is controlled by the player with the biggest hand (makingreference to the game of poker) and that most of the folks of the world don’t realize it or frankly can’t do anything about it. It also attacks the respect and dignity that some countries have towardstheir culture in to the nations that have been controlled by the media systems or the ones with censorship over the media. It also shows that the food industry is controlled by the companies that have themost control over the market, and by regulating what they sell they control what we eat. Even establishing the amounts of food a day we must eat, especially the milk that comes from a living animal.Should humanity eat meat? A food that comes out of enhanced animals raised and fed in controlled environments and most certainly animals that eat corn, an enhanced vegetable made in a laboratory.I can honestly say that I don’t know if it would be convenient for human beings to be eating organic food that most certainly would prolongs life, and living in today’s world is so expensive thenagain by changing human eating style it would also affect the global market for better or worse. Like I said before, the market would change if humans wouldn’t eat meat; inorganic farms will have outranit’s course, almost all if not all the fast foods would definitely close for good, basically all will change.

At one time science supported the consumption of meat. It no longer does. The...
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