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Unit 3 Simple past

We use the simple past to talk about actions, status, or situations that are finished.

You can use the simple past with time expressions that refer to the past timeexpressions: by, in the 20th century, 200 years ago, last week (month, year, night, Christmas), yesterday, ago ( a week ago).

Verb to be
Affirmative sentences

|Subject|Verb to Be |Predicate |Example |
|I, he, she, it |was |sick|He was sick. |
|You, they, we |were | |They were sick. |


|Subject |Verb to Be |Not |Predicate |Example |
|I, he, she, it |was|not |sick |She was not sick. |
|You, we, they |were | | |Wewere not sick. |

Yes and no questions

|Verb to Be |Subject |Predicate |Example |Answer ||Was |I, he, she, it |late |Was she late to work? |Yes, she was. |
| | |to work| |No, she was not. |
|Were |You, we, they | |Were you late to work? |Yes, I was.|
| | | | |No, I was not. |

Wh questions

|Question word...
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