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Dr. P. had problems recognizing things properly, so he went to see a neurologist. The neurologist could telll he was completely sane and healthy, until he mistook his foot with a shoe. Ten, whenbeing asked to describe a photo, Dr. P. saw completely a different scenery than the real one. Finally, when he was a bout to leave, he mistook his wife for a hat.
Some railway journeys are particularlyinteresting and exciting. For example, The Bullet Train goes fromTokio to Osaka and is one of the fastest trains. Other examples are the Trans-Siberian Express (which crosses Siberia) and the VeniceSimplon-Orient-Express (doing the classic London-Paris-Venice journey). But if you want to know a country, take the Bergen line (Norway) or the Rocky Mountain Divide (USA), or the Via Rail Network(Canada). Lastly, some historical railroads are the ones which go through the Peruvian Andes (feautring amazing views) and the ones in India.
Fyona Campebell set out on a journey in John O' Groats aged16. For 11 years, she travelled through North America, Australia, Africa and Europe. The reason why she did this was to find out who se really was and what she wanted to do. Now she knows: se wants tospend times with his friends and get married.
A hacker names The Datastream Cowboy was rampaging across the Pentagon network of computers. He had been first spotted at the Griffis air base in New YorkState, having breached the security system and using assumed computer identities from the air base to attack other sites like NASA. Computer specialists were dispastched to Grffis airb base to tatchde attacker. After two weeks of unsuccessfully searching for him, they found him online, but failed to locate him. After more time, they discovered he participated in e-mail conversations with otherhackers, where the Cowboy told he was from the UK and gave out his phone number. Tracing it, they located him in North London. Thinking he was a secret agent, they instead found he was a sixteen year...
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