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My name’s Huckleberry Finn – but everyone just calls me “Huck” – and this is the story of my adventures. It all started with my best friend, Tom Sawyer…
Gold coins, Tom! We’re rich! Wecan ask Judge Teacher to look after the money for us.
Here you are, boys – a dollar each, every day of your lives! Thank you, Judge Thatcher.
Widow Douglas has got something to say, Huck… Huck, noone has seen your father for a year.. you live in the woods like a wild animal, and don’t go to school… You need a real home, Huck. I want you to come and live with me like my son.
Well Huck – how islife at the widow’s? It’s hard, Tom! Wearing smart clothes, going to school… and the widow’s sister, Miss Watson, makes lots of rules. I like Jim, though – he’s Miss Watson’s slave.
Jim, I’m scared!My pap has come back! But Huck, everyone says that your father’s dead. Well, everyone’s wrong, then. See – that mark is from Pap’s boot! Pap! You think you’re better than me, don’t you? Going toschool, sleeping in a fancy bed… and people say you’re rich! Ow! Please, Pap – don’t!
Huck is living with Widow Douglas – but now his father has come back.
That Judge says I can’t have yourmoney, and the widow wants to take you away from me for ever. But I’ll show them – I’m taking you with me to live in the woods, where no one can find you. You can’t get away – I’m going to look you inthe cabin when I’m not here.
It’s a nice easy life, with no school and no Miss Watson – but Pap keeps beating me all the time. I’m going to run away – soon! Pap’s going to town again. Now’s my chanceto escape!

Everyone will think my body is in the river. I can hide on Jackson’s Island – no one ever goes there. Now it looks like robbers got in and murdered me. Pap will think I’m dead, and hewon’t try to find me!
Huck has run away from his father and is hiding on Jackson’s Island.
I don’t think we’ll ever find poor Huck’s body, Tom… My plan’s working – they all think I’m...
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