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| Countries | Economic characteristics | Political characteristics |
Northern Europe | Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Leetonia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, united kingdom. | Higheconomic growth, low inflation and unemployment, high income percapitaEconomic activities undertaken:Industry: Paper Industry, Chemical IndustryTimber Industry | Constitutional Monarchy.RepresentativeDemocracyThe government has three branches (executive - legislature - judiciary) |
Southern Europe | Albania, Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Montenegro,Portugal, san Marino, Serbia, Spain, Vatican city, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Monaco | Industrial Activity: Textiles, iron and steel, motor vehicles, chemicals, clothing, footwear, boats, oil refining andcementAgricultural Activity: The main crops are wheat, barley, sugar beet (beet), etc | Parliamentary Monarchy - SpainParliamentary republic - ItalyDiversity of types of government in the Balkan Peninsula |Eastern Europe | Albania, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia slovaquia Estonia, Greece Hungary , Leetonia, Lithuania Macedonia, Moldavia Montenegro, Poland, Czech republic, Romany, Russia, Serbia,Ukraine. | growth rate: 3.15% per yearInflation Rate: 2.55% per yearMain economic activities:Agriculture: 4%Industries: 27%Services: 69%Unemployment rate: 6.95% | Types of Government: Monarchy andRepublic (democratic States) |
Western Europe | Germany, andorra, Austria, belgium, denmark, spain, finland, france, ireland, luxembourg, norway, holland, Portugal,united kingdon, san marino, sweden,switserland, | Inflation Rate: 5.78% paMain economic activities:Agicultura: 8%Industires: 30%Services: 57%Unemployment rate: 15.35% | Type of government : Republic |

| Religión | lenguaje |others |
Northern europe | Lutheran, Protestant and Atheism | English, Swedish, Danish, finish | Population: 28 millionThere climates from polar to temperate warm and humidIn this area are the...
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