La Caracteristicas De La Costa

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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2012
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Facebook is a company created by Mark Zuckenberg, Dusting Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin in the year 2004. The origins Facebook was a program for the students of the Harvard University,but now it is open for all people who has an e- mail. This is a web site of social nets which allows the communication between people around the world, so it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.Some of the good things that it offers us are that we can use it free in any place where we are, it is easy to use, we can find it in different languages, and we only need internet. Facebook allowsus a lot of things to do. You can create a wall of our profiles; in this site we can share photos, comments, jokes, and videos. In addition we can be part of groups or create an organization, so inthis way we can do works, projects and send messages to specific people.

There are some interesting things you can do in it like play games or make a test about love, cheating and about life. In myopinion the best thing in Facebook is that we can chat with friends who are connected and we can do comments about the status, photos and everything they put in their wall because, in this way I haveknown good friends, send sweet messages to my girlfriend and share with members of my family who are not in Ecuador.

This social network is good, but has a lot of critics because sometimes isdangerous, we share information that is personal and everyone can see it, another cause is that exist bad people that make false profiles and corrupt teenagers. The information in Facebook does notdiscriminate ages, so everyone, kids, teenagers and adults can see and have access for everything you can imagine. The last studies of doctors say that the extreme use of Facebook can produce an addictionand low concentration in teenagers.

Facebook is a very important social network considerate the best social network which connects people around the entire world sharing photos and comments....
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