La ciencia como camino a la verdad (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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Science is the unique path to truth

Science has helped the human being accomplish many different things throughout history. In medicine it has helped us discover new ways to preserve our bodies,cure diseases and prolong our life spam. In technology it has allowed us to move faster, travel, go to space, etc. Science can be proven through testing and experiments and it is therefore the uniquepath to truth because even unsatisfactory results are good results because it helps to prove something even if it wasn’t what the experiment was trying to prove.

An example of how science is theunique path to truth is that there is no life in the moon. Before people used to think there might be aliens or living organisms living in the moon, there was even a story that was told to childrenabout the man on the moon. But thanks to science men have been sent to the moon and it has been confirmed thanks to satellites and people who have actually been there that there is nothing living on themoon’s surface. Science helps us humans find the truth and thanks to tests and experiments, things can be proven such as if pills work. Studies are conducted for a long time, results are gathered andanalyzed and then scientists are able to say: this pill cures such and such disease. Thanks to the fact that science can be proven through tests and experiments we can say that science is truly theonly path to truth because it can never be wrong thanks to the fact that it has been tested and it works.

Or can we? Certain studies have variables and sometimes although something has already beentested it can still not work. Is science always true? Not really.

A lady that used to work for my family had a strange habit that I never understood or made sense to me: whenever she couldn’tsleep she would take a Tyamina to go to bed. Someone apparently had told her that Tyamina’s were used as sleeping pills when really that’s not their purpose at all and one of their side effects is that...
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