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Essay Writing

The purpose of an essay is to express your opinion on a certain topic. For this essay, you will express your opinion on the topic:

Pre-writing strategies – before you write, you need to organize your thoughts. You can organize yourself using different strategies and then you can start with the writing process.

Organize your ideas the way it works best for you:
• Free write
• Bullets
• Diagrams
• brainstorming
Essay format:

I. Title - It needs to have a close relationship to the content of your essay. The title is the last thing you write for your essay because you may have an idea first of what you will write about, but the idea can be changed as you write

II. Introduction – it is prettyself explanatory. In this paragraph, you will introduce our topic. You should familiarize the reader with what will be explained in your body paragraphs.

a. Your introduction should have:
i. Attention-grabbing statement - this is the first sentence in your essay. Therefore, it should be not only interesting, but very relevant to your topic. It should grab the reader’sattention and interest to motivate him to keep reading your essay. Some “eye-catching sentences” can be:
a. A famous quote – Frederick Douglas once said: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”

b. A statement- There has never been a better
representation of a book in a movie.c. Statistics – According to a study conducted by the American Health Association, seventy percent of our society is currently overweight.

d. A question – Who is the person responsible for so much crime in our society?

ii. Topic sentence – this sentence should include three ideas that you choose to discuss from your topic. You should mentionyour ideas in the order of importance or in chronological order if it applies. The same order that you choose for mentioning your ideas, should be the same order in which you discuss them in your body paragraphs. Example: The three more important areas to be considered when taking a vacation are the weather of the destination, currency and tourist attractions.

iii. Backgroundinformation – information about your topic. This information is needed to familiarize the reader with what you will explain in your essay. Background information is usually 3-4 sentences about your topic necessary to know in order to understand your essay. For example: if your essay is about the religion, culture and political organization about Puerto Rico, background information should include wherePR is located, when was it colonized, number of municipalities, etc.

iv. Thesis statement – this sentence is the most important sentence in your essay. This declarative sentence should explain you main point or idea of your topic. You need to state what you learned and want the reader to learn about our topic. Example: Before making an important decision it is crucial to considerall of he negative and positive aspects of the choice made.

III. Body paragraphs – a standard essay has three body paragraphs. In each paragraph you will explain each of our topics. For example: if your topic sentences is “The three more important areas to be considered when taking a vacation are the weather of the destination, currency and tourist attractions”; you are going to explain inone paragraph how the weather is very important to consider when taking a vacation. In another paragraph, you will explain why knowing about the currency is important when taking a vacation. In a third paragraph you will explain why tourist attractions are important to consider when taking a vacation.

IV. Conclusion- this is the last paragraph of your essay. It should include your...
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