La odisea

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Working and studying at the same time.
The last time I got in a serious problem trouble was when I started to study and work at the same time.At first, I was very excited about my first job in America. After getting into Broward College, that job was the next step in the plan I made forme myself when I left Peru. Even though I tried to do my best, I could not organize my time very well. I made schedules and bought myself anagenda, but I was so tired after work that I did not respect the schedules. The consequences came after the third quiz at in class with a big C onit. I was not handling well my responsibilities well from both school and work. It took me about three weeks to learn how to manage my time,prioritize my tasks, and avoid distractions when I had homework to do. Now I understand that I kept bad habits during that time, and those were thereasons why my time was never enough for me. For instance, I should have stopped spending hours on Facebook after work every night. Also, I shouldhave avoided going out with my friend during weekdays. I think I could have done some homework every night instead of leaving all of it for theweekend. Finally, I think that It might have gone better if I had stopped going to the club every Saturday night. In brief, I think that my firstweeks studying and working at the same time were difficult for me, but I learned how to be organized and responsible from because of that tough time.
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