Las chicas de alambre

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1-Activites of the section :
1,a –Transport problems cause the abandonment of most of the equipment and supplies as people were exhausted and as a result couldn’t take this ones forward. People gotexhausted because they had to transport all the equipment as there were not horses for doing the job. Working the horses and men so hard causes the death of this ones and as a result the army isdestroyed. Staying too long in Moscu affected the army as during this period of time the Russians attacked it in this city. The bad weather was an important factor of the retirement as the troops had tosuffer very low temperatures which in many cases caused the death of soldiers and horses.As the Russians burn the crops there was no food to provide the army and members of it died of hunger.
b-Ithink the most important of this causes is the one of the bad transport because this caused the abandonment of equipment which includes food, and without food the members of the army started dying veryquickly. As there were so few soldiers the army had to return to France.
2,a-The differences are that source D tell to us that the main cause was the snowfall while the source E says that thesnowfall didn’t destroy the army and that the factor that do so was the forced work and lack of food.
b-They are so different because one was written by an old experienced writer who had fought against theFrench and the other was written by a modern historian.
c-I can find evidence in other sources which support this reasons. In source A says that the winter was the one that has been their undoingwhich supports source D. Source C describes that the army was defeated because there was no way of taking the equipment forward so this one was left ; this included food. This supports the explanation ofsource E.
d-I find more convincing source E because traveling so hard in so bad conditions and without food is what really destroys the army. I also support source E because I don’t think the cool...
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