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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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Rafael Almonte

Politics is who gets what, when, where, and how.

- Harold Dwight Lasswell

The idea behind this quote is that a person whocan call the shots and decide to the smallest detail how things are to be dealt with and by who, they are at the top of their game in a politician’s world. I mean, if you have the power to distributemoney you did not earn amongst whomever you choose without needing explanation, only direction –doesn’t that constitute some form of power? Well, I agree in some aspect with what Lasswell depictedwhen he came up with this idea. Politics is who gets what, when, where, and how; but it is also the ability to corner an enemy into the position of an ally, or in any case, the ability to impose yourideas on others to suit your will.

Many politicians gained control and power through fear. In fact, some of the most memorable leaders have earned their name (some in notoriety) in historythrough fear and through infliction of paranoia. Adolf Hitler and Rafael Leonidas Trujillo were two well-known extremists who enforced these tactics. Others take a less drastic approach such as SenatorJoseph McCarthy. He led the anti-communist accusations (or more so, harassments) in the United States of America. He had so much power in the United States that he accused the Army Reserve and membersof President Truman’s own officials and was backed with the support of the people. He also accused Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the first two American civilians ever to be sentenced to death forespionage (though Ethel’s involvement in the espionage is uncertain).

The truth is, I believe politics and politicians have nothing in common. Politics is who gets what, when, where, and how;politicians are its flaws. There is nothing wrong with distribution of power and money, but when politicians are the ones distributing them, a problem occurs: greedy people do not feel willing to spread...
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