Lo que hemos vivido

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On February 6 in 1990 I was born in Sincelejo Sucre, but I don’t know in what clinic. I was last daughter of four children.

Ilived from 1990 to 1997 in a farm with my family and this year really was great for my life, it was the best for me.

On august 22 in1997 my mother died, she was a great mother, this moment was terrible for me and my family, really was unexpectedly. After that, theFARC killed my father, this situation I never will forget.

In the same year I moved to Sincelejo and I began my school and I wasexcellent student, I studied in “institute pedagogic of Venetian” from first (1997) to sixth (2002) and after that I changed ofschool, I started in ITIAP and in this school I studied form seventh (2003) to ninth (2005), and again I changed of school, and I ended myschool in “COLMERCEDES” , I graduated in 2007

I graduated on November 22 in 2007, and we did a dinner with ours family, afterthat, we went to a party and danced until later…. It was great day for me.

I moved to Medellin in 2008 because I began myuniversity, I started my law profession and in the same moment I met my boyfriend Luis Carlos and in this moment I stay with him, in this threeyears I changed of house five time and finally I stabilized in apartment with some friend and I cook for me, I laundry …I live happy.
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