Los pensamientos de martin luther

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Martin Luther believed that the Roman church was just looking for power and a way to keep it he stated it this way “The Romanists with grate adroitness have builtthree walls about them, behind which they have hitherto defended themselves in such wise that no one has been able to reform them; and this has been the cause of terrible corruption throughout allChristendom” (Luther). By which he means that with the Roman Catholics with grate cunning have protected themselves by three metaphysical walls (laws) around the church which they have previously used toprotect themselves from political and religious attacks in such a no one has been able to alternate that power from the church, thus creating a massive amount of exploitation in the Christiankingdoms.
First he stated that the church when pressed by the historical powers they have made verdicts that said that this powers have no power over the church that instead the church had a ruling overthese ancient powers. Thus for this reason Martin Luther wanted to criticize this as a world issue first. He said that the Pope, bishops, priests, and monks were to be called the “spiritual estate”;while the Princes, lords, artisans, and farmers were the “Temporal estate” was all a big segregating Lie. This is because when the church dose this it creates more power to itself; but that actually theso called “Spiritual estate” was not only from the Moncks up but more importantly made up of the religious followers, and that the show (ritual) does not make the monks and up any more extraordinarythen the rest because we have been baptized we have the right to be in the ministry because if the monks and the rest were of a higher empowerment by god we would not be able to say mass or preach oreven be given or give forgiveness .Therefore it is crazy to give one person with the same abilities more power, because even if a group of Christians was set of into the wilderness there would...
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