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The ruins of San Andrés

The ruins of San Andrés, is a pre- Hispanic beauty Maya, with a panoramic view that makes us travel in time.
This pre-Hispanic heritage of great interest forarchaeological tourism is only part of many scattered throughout the region, but the most interesting.

This is the perfect place to meet with family or friends, but best of all is that apart from enjoying abeautiful landscape, we learn of Salvadoran culture.

The Cuco beach

The cuco beach is another of the most beautiful beaches that has El Salvador.
Ideal for a day of complete rest, sharewith family and away from it all bustle. the cuco beach, is a popular coast, much frequented by the Salvadorans, especially those living in the East of the country who enjoy the tranquility of itswaters, the extensive areas of black sand, very feasible to play soccer, volleyball, jogging, among others. The goodness of the waves allows swimming, surfing and fishing, among other alternatives.Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador is located in the western province of the same name.
Santa Ana keeps one of the best historic centers in El Salvador. Among its mainbuildings are: the Cathedral of Santa Ana, National Theatre, the Municipal Palace, among others.
In Santa Ana can find a variety of places to have fun and hang out, and at night you can enjoy the bestclubs in the area.
And of course, not to mention one of the best aquatic center that has El Salvador.

Christ the Redeemer

This is an impressive monument to Christ the Redeemer.Located on the outskirts of the municipality of San Marcos and the road leading to the Comalapa International Airport.
Around the square that represents the Peace Accords that occurred in ElSalvador, it becomes a meeting place for locals, to spend time and take advantage of the variety of typical foods that are sold on weekends. Even is a preferential site of skaters who come together to...
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