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Good afternoon Miss Maricel and classmates. We are going to talk about Luis Miguel. Luis Miguel gallego basteri was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 19th, 1970, being 40 nowadays.
He isLuisito Rey and Marcela Basteri’s son. his father is a singer, and his other actress
He has 2 brothers> Alejandro and Sergio.
His occupation: singer, songwriter and musical producer.
His musical genres are: latin pop, bolero, mariachi and romantic ballad.
In 1985 he first performed internationally in VINA DEL MAR SONG FESTIVAL, where hereceived an award The silver antorch besides his second prize was in San Remo’s Festival in Italy. That year he won his first Grammy Award, in 1987 he had some problems with his Disc Company EMI and hesigned with WARNER MUSIC recording his 9th album called “Soy como quiero ser” ( I am what I want to be) With that album he got 5 platinum albums and 6 golden ones. During this year, he abandoned hisfather, meaning he is not closed to him anymore. Luismi is the first Latin American singer in receiving a Golden Disc in United States and his album is in Spanish. And he received Golden disc s inBrazil and Taiwan.
He is also the first Latin-American Singer who got a sold out live performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden. He sang in duet along with Sheena Easton, Fran Sinatra , ArmandoManzanero, Manuel Alejandro and Jose Luis Rodriguez
Here are some Albums recorded by Luis Miguel: soy como quiero ser (87), busca a una mujer(88), 20 años (90), romance (91), América y en vivo(92),Aries(93), segundo romance(94) el concierto (95), nada es igual(96), amarte es un placer(99), vivo (2000), mis romances(2001) 33(2003), México en la piel( 2004), grandes éxitos (2005), navidades Luismiguel (2006), Cómplices (2008), labios de miel(2010)
Luis Miguel rarely gives interviews. He prefers to maintain his private life in private, that why he becomes the most persecuted celebrity....
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