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Macbeth was one of King Duncan’s captains. He was very brave, and he always fought bravely to all the soldiers. He had won an important battle, and he went with his friend Banquo to visit threewitches. The witches told him, he will be Thane of Cawdor, and in a few time he will be King of Scotland. After this, the king decided to sign Macbeth Thane of Cawdor because of his bravely battle. Andlater, he told him, to stay some days in Macbeth’s house with he and his family. Macbeth and his wife planned how to kill King Duncan to be as soon as possible King of Scotland.
In his house after agreat plan, they killed him, and they said that King Duncan’s army was the real murders. Some people as Macduff, Malcolm, Ross or Banquo, realize fastly that the murder was Macbeth. Malcolm decided togo out of Scotland, and Ross followed him as Macduff. Banquo was killed by one Macbeth’s soldier, and after this, Macbeth went other time to the three witches and they told him that Banquo’s son willbe King of Scotland. In England, the three other men planned how to kill Macbeth with ten thousand of Siward soldiers. Other day, Lady Macbeth was sleepwalking, and she said to a soldier and to thedoctor they had killed Duncan. After, Macbeth wasn’t scared because the ten thousand men attack, he was convinced he was save because of the three witches prophecy, and he didn’t had to be fear.
Theattack was prepared, and when they passed by some Birnam woods they cut large branches to scared Macbeth. He was preparing all to defend himself with his army, but suddenly, he heard a sound. A manwent inside and saw that the queen of Scotland, Lady Macbeth had committed suicide. Suddenly, a messenger arrived, and told Macbeth that he had seen some Birnam woods move, and the Malcolm’s armystarted to attack him. Macbeth, fastly killed Siward, and after Macduff wanted him to avenge his family. Macduff killed Macbeth because he had de characteristics of the prophecy. Later, he cut his head...
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