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“The Machismo: A new perspective”
When somebody hears the word “Machismo”, immediately think about a past problem, which is not affecting us now. But the reality is too different.Today the problem with the “Machismo” is not that men are considered better than women, in fact, that perception had been overcome little by little in the time. Now the problem is in men’s thoughts,they think they´re better than women, is not that the society consider them better, is that they think they´re better. That perception has to be totally overcome because definitely if there is asuperior genre it have to be the female. I´m totally agree with that perspective because women have particular qualities that can transform the space where she is in something better and also because womenare totally able work and to do many things at the same time and do everything in an excellent way.
When a person thinks in a woman the first thing that comes to mind is the word: Love. Love iseverything in the life, without love we can´t be happy, we cannot have any reason to smile to the life. Women are the most important representation of love in the world. That is the most amazingcharacteristic of women, her particular way to be, that especial ability to resolve the problems without the violence just with their emotional intelligence. In contrast, there are persons who think that anyproblem can be result just with love because a problem cannot have an abstract solution but that is a wrong perception because abstract solutions can get better results than material solutions. Thefirst ones solve the problems from its root, inside the person who is generating it. For instance, there is a project called, “Mujeres por la Paz” , that is conformed for lots of women who try to achievebig results in the search of the peace, using their especial abilities they always try to enter in the heart of the persons and can get a change in the way they´re acting.
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