Maleza jatropha gossypifolia

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Weed Management Plan for Bellyache Bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia) 2010

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Cover photo: Flowering bellyache bush plant

Weed Management Planfor Bellyache Bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia)


Executive summary
This Weed Management Plan forms part of a strategic approach to bellyache bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia) management in the Northern Territory (NT), with the overall aim being to mitigate the damage caused by bellyache bush in relation to production, environmental and cultural values and prevent possible health implicationsassociated with its spread. A comprehensive weed risk management assessment found bellyache bush to be a very high risk weed where potential exists for successful management. On the basis of this assessment bellyache bush has been declared under the Weeds Management Act as: Class A: Class B: To be eradicated, in all areas of the NT except where it is classified as Class B; Growth and spread to becontrolled. This is an area roughly described as the Aroona, Mathison and Scott Creek subcatchments in the upper Daly River catchment, and the Greenant Creek subcatchment in the lower Daly River catchment; and Not to be introduced into the NT, in all areas of the NT. (All Class A and B areas are also classified as Class C.)

Class C:

The mixed declaration classes (A/C and B/C) reflect the varyingfeasibility of control between the two areas. Low density, high feasibility of eradication and control (Class A), and high density, lower feasibility of eradication (Class B), plus the need to prevent new introductions across all of the Territory (Class C). The delineation of management zones associated with these declaration classes represents a defensible balance between the difficulty ofmanaging large established infestations (B/C zone) and the urgent need to eradicate outlying populations (A/C zone). This plan establishes the objectives and outcomes to be achieved by land managers and the minimum actions to be taken to achieve these outcomes. Conducting land management practices in accordance with this plan will secure compliance with the requirements of the Weeds Management Act....
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