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Welcome to Color About Color About the Color Documentation Additional Resources Color Correction Basics The Fundamental Color Correction Tasks When Does Color Correction Happen? Image Encoding Standards Basic Color and Imaging Concepts Color Correction Workflows An Overview of the ColorWorkflow Limitations in Color Video Finishing Workflows Using Final Cut Pro Importing Projects from Other Video Editing Applications Digital Cinema Workflows Using Apple ProRes 4444 Finishing Projects Using RED Media Digital Intermediate Workflows Using DPX/Cineon Media Using EDLs, Timecode, and Frame Numbers to Conform Projects Using the Color Interface Setting Up a Control Surface Using OnscreenControls Using Organizational Browsers and Bins Using Color with One or Two Monitors Importing and Managing Projects and Media Creating and Opening Projects Saving Projects Saving and Opening Archives Moving Projects from Final Cut Pro to Color Importing EDLs EDL Import Settings

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Relinking Media Importing Media Directly into the Timeline Compatible Media Formats Moving Projects from Color to Final Cut Pro Exporting EDLs Reconforming Projects Converting Cineon and DPX Image Sequences to QuickTime Importing Color Corrections Exporting JPEG Images Configuring the Setup RoomThe File Browser Using the Shots Browser The Grades Bin The Project Settings Tab The Messages Tab The User Preferences Tab Monitoring Your Project The Scopes Window and Preview Display Monitoring Broadcast Video Output Using Display LUTs Monitoring the Still Store Timeline Playback, Navigation, and Editing Basic Timeline Elements Customizing the Timeline Interface Working with Tracks Selecting...
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