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Service Source

iBook G4
October 22, 2003

© 2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

Service Source

Take Apart
iBook G4

© 2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

General Information

To easily distinguish this computer from previous iBook models, note these characteristics: • "iBook G4" identifier on display bezel

• Slot-load optical drive

• MacOS X version 10.3 operating system

General Information

iBook G4 Take Apart - 2

The ports on the left side of the computer are • RJ11 modem port • Ethernet port • FireWire port • Two USB ports • External display connector • Headphone port

This table shows the product configurations at initial product introduction: Configuration Display Size Video RAM Processor Education 32 VRAM GoodBetter* Best*

12.1 inch 800 MHz CD-ROM

12.1 inch 800 MHz 32 VRAM

14.1 inch 933 MHz 32 VRAM

14.1 inch 32 VRAM

Optical Drive Hard Drive Memory

30 GB

128 MB RAM

30 GB


256 MB RAM

40 GB


1 GHz

Combo (DVDROM/CD-RW) 60 GB 256 MB RAM

* For servicing the 14.1-inch models, refer to the iBook G4 (14.1 LCD) servicemanual. New Procedures
If you are familiar with taking apart iBook computers, you will notice some differences with this iBook model: • Slot-load optical drive • AirPort Extreme Card option • Bluetooth option • The number and types of screws differ somewhat from previous models.

3 - iBook G4 Take Apart

General Information

Note: The top and bottom EMI shields are now marked with screwidentifiers for most of the screw locations. The screw identifiers are in the form of "M2x_" where the last digit indicates the approximate screw length. For example, a marking of "M2x3" indicates a 3.5mm long screw. Use the identifiers as a guide when reassembling the computer.

The following tools are recommended for the Take Apart procedures: • Coin • ESD wriststrap and mat • Magnetized #0Phillips screwdriver • Jeweler’s flat-blade screwdriver • Small soft cloth • Torx T8 screwdriver • 2.0 mm hex nut driver • Needlenose pliers • Torx T6 screwdriver or 5/32 hex driver (for display housing) • Black stick (or other nonconductive nylon or plastic tool) Note: To organize the screws you remove from the assembly, use a tray with divided compartments (such as a plastic ice cube tray).Serial Number Location
In this computer, the product serial number is located in two places: • Battery bay • Top case underneath the keyboard

General Information

iBook G4 Take Apart - 4


The only tool required for this procedure is a coin.

Part Location

Preliminary Steps
Warning: Always shut down the computer before opening it to avoid damaging its internalcomponents or causing injury. After you shut down the computer, the internal components can be very hot. Let the computer cool down for 30 minutes before continuing.

Warning: If the computer has been recently operating, allow it to cool down before performing this procedure. 1. Place the computer on a clean, flat surface. 2. Shut down the computer and wait thirty minutes before continuing. 5- iBook G4 Take Apart Battery

3. Disconnect the power cord and any other cables connected to the computer. 4. Close the computer, turn it over, and locate the battery latch. Use a coin to turn the battery latch 1/4 turn clockwise to unlock the battery. Gently remove the battery. Removing the battery will prevent you from accidentally turning on the computer. Warning: Removing the batterybefore shutting down the computer may result in data loss.

5. Install the replacement battery. 6. Reconnect the power cord and any other cables that were connected and restart the computer. Note: You may need to reset the date and time (using the Date & Time control panel in System Preferences). Warning: Never turn on the computer unless all of its internal and external parts are in place and it...
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