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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Alessandra Muñoz
English 7 Honors
November 15, 2011
Period 4
The Amazing Margay

The Margay is a beautiful animal that is in danger of extinction, if wedon’t do something to enforce the protection laws then they will seize to exist on the surface of the earth. The Margay lives in rainforests, in various parts ofthe Americas, from Mexico down to Argentina. They are nocturnal animals that live on their own. Occasionally they come down to the ground but live their life up inthe trees. They are also covered by dark stripes and blotches that are sometimes multi-colored. They eat small animals like insects, birds and fruits.
A bigreason why the Margay is becoming extinct is because hundreds of them are being slaughtered for their fur, or pelts. It’s illegal now but that doesn’t stop them fromdoing that. People cut down trees for houses and dams which is the Margay’s habitat. Now they are under threat of deforestation. The Margays are being taken awayfrom their habitat and turning into pets. The Margay produces one or two kittens a year and that’s not going to help them reproduce.
A good way to help theMargay is not to cut their habitat down. Well in general not to cut any animal’s habitat down. Then they won’t be so squished in together because they need space.Another way we can help them out is by not supporting the people that hunt them. You can help out by not buying their fur then, they’ll stop killing the Margay.Help the amazing Margay out its population is becoming extinct but if each one of us helps by doing something, even though it’s little it can make a huge difference!
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