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Angel of Independence monument
The main figure of the monument is the statue that is not an angel but, according to some, the representation of Nike, the winged Greek goddess of victory, andaccording to others, this is not God, but simply an allegorical representation of the winged victory. Is holding a laurel wreath in the act of loading, gift offered to the winners, and the other a brokenchain links representing the break from Spanish rule. It is gold-plated bronze, measures 6.7 meters tall and weighs 7 tons (this must be added the 36-meter column.) The model for the sculpture calledMazadiego Ana Maria Fernandez and Diaz was secretary during his tenure.

The cornerstone of this renowned monument was laid on January 2, 1902 by Porfirio Diaz. It was concluded in 1910, and wasinaugurated on September 16 of that year to commemorate the centenary of the Independence of Mexico.

Project management was provided by the architect Antonio Rivas Mercado. The engineer Roberto Gayolwas responsible for directing and performing this work. The sculptures were made by the Italian Enrique Alciati. Built on a central column with a sculpture at the base with statues in the four cardinalpoints, which represent female figures in Greek goddesses, Law (Goddess Eunomia), Peace (Eirene Goddess), Justice (Goddess Nemesis) and War (Goddess Athena). These sculptures, along with the Angel,were carved in plaster in Mexico, and cast in bronze in Florence, Italy, using the lost wax technique
The work continued for several years to finish the base, the base and pedestal for January 1906,however after the start of construction of the column itself and when they had placed more than 2,400 stone quarried in all, the great weight was not supported by the original foundation and thecolumn began to lose the vertical by the sinking of the foundation.

La figura principal del monumento es la estatua que no es un ángel sino, según algunos, la...
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