Matt moreau's dilemma

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  • Publicado : 24 de octubre de 2010
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Name: Dalia I. Dominguez Duarte Date: October 10th, 2007

Name of Case: Matt Moreau’s Dilemma

Who you are in case: Matt Moreau, Position: Manager of customer services

The issue is that Ihave to find someone for the manager position, and Steven Judson already found someone, but she has cancer, and we will be working under lot of pressure and probably overnights. So I don’t know if Ishould accept her as the manager or not.

It is an issue because it’s not fair to discriminate someone just because she has cancer. She is very good doing what she does. So it’s an issue because if Irejected her, that would be not fair. But if I accept her, I would not like that she gets sicker because of the pressure, tension, and lot of work.

When something must be done: I must decide rightaway. Before seeing Chuck Mackness

The level of importance is: High. The urgency is: High.

Immediate (Short term) Issue:
-Decide if I should accept the proposition of havingher as the manager or not.
- What I am going to say to the other people whether I decide she stays or not as part of my team.

Basic (Long term) Issue:

Alternative courses of action
1) I’ll doa research on internet that won’t take me more than 48 hours, about the prices of the competitors that will allow me to know how much people are paying for the disposable contact lenses in themarket. Once I have that information I’ll set a similar price to the competitors as well as the package size. Then report it to my superior.
2) I’ll suggest a lower price than the competitors for a fewmonths just as an introduction to the market. And then set a higher price, once we’re already known in the market.

Decision Criterion (be sure to include ethics):
I have to be responsible tosuggest the prices, because I shouldn’t set a price that is too high, otherwise people won’t buy them, which means that the product will not success. And the future of the company will be affected.
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