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May 1st, 2008
Calchaquí, Santa fe

Madison, Wisconsin

To whom it may concern:

My name is Romina del Valle Dotti. I am an English teacher as a second language,and I am more than pleased to write this letter of reference for my former colleague Sebastian Mansur.

I worked with Sebastian over a 2-year period within the same institution, where we happenedto establish a solid relationship both professionally and personally. We happened to be involved in courses concerning training and assessment for the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations,task to be accomplished proficiently through interaction and mutual consultation.

During the two years we worked together, I saw many examples of Sebastian’s outstanding talent both, as a teacherand translator. He was highly admired by his colleagues and pupils due to his knowledge and passion for linguistics and for his willingness to continue learning. Sebastian’s job as a translator allowshim to be in contact with many areas of knowledge, a characteristic that made his lessons even more interesting and enjoyable for his pupils. His creativity and love for Art was reflected in thediversity of activities he prepared for his classes; he was also glad to share them with his colleagues.

In his work, Sebastian was responsible, dedicated, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to workwith. He always showed a positive attitude towards problems and he was always willing to help in the organisation of events. Knowing Sebastian, he will not disappoint, and probably will exceed yourexpectations.

Given his desire to further his studies on the subject matter, I am convinced he would not only evidence a proficient performance, but also that he would be a great acquisition foryour institution.


Romina del Valle Dotti

Address: 1322 Sargento Cabral street.
Home phone: +54 3483 470791
Cell Phone: +54 3483 15441161
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