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SESSION 1 1. Teachers and their role in the classroom.

2. First and second language acquisition. 3. Comparison of the characteristics that affect learning in children, teenagers and
SESSION 2 4. Learning stylesSESSION 3 5. Lesson planning.

SESSION 4 Y 5 6. Classroom Management.

SESSION 6 7. Language learning methods.


When I woke up every day in the morning, to go my schools and see my very very different children, I remember that video that Idolina show us at the end of module 1, remember Idolina? the teacher and that boy always sad and angry that nobodywants and reject, well, I have a lot of them, children with many and different problems, in home, with their families, even in the school itself, with their classmates, some of them with any hope in your face, etc. and sometimes when I really don´t know what to do, when I want to give up, when I think that maybe I´m not a good teacher because I can´t help them (besides It´s my first job as a teacher)suddenly that teaching bring to my mind and I know exactly what to do. Thank you for that, because is something that I never going to forget cause every session with you gays (Idolina, Ibeth and Chris) give me that hope: Teach and share, no matter if it is a little beat, but do something or much to our kids to tried to make a difference, a difference for their future, I hope.
I dedicated and didthis work to Idolina, Ibeth and Chris to bring to our lives, besides our professions now, a lot of sympathy, support, patience, but principal knowledge to make our work better and better every day, I hope been doing a good work, because now, I know this is not just a job to me, It´s a chance to make a difference in this world. Thank you very much gays.

1. Teachers and their role in the classroom. SESSION 1

A person with many different roles according with the everyday needs in the classroom, but a the same time, the teachers have to like to do that roles, because is no easy to change and mantainence the level in class in every moment. Firstable have to likes children, enjoys a games, thinks learners learn best when given time toconsider choices, thinks learners learn through experience, enjoys working in teams, likes reading, likes to learn new things, likes planning things, likes reflection and likes challenge.

The teachers have to be a “mil usos” like we said in Mexico, have to be a:
A facilitator
a leader
a guide
a confidence
a complete trust
promote and developed skills
a referee sometimesa second mami

Every teacher must have faced the dilemma at one point or another: what should be my role in the classroom? Should I primarily focus on efficient organization of lessons with a careful selection of the language facts to be transmitted to students? Or should I be more flexible and let the lesson flow spontaneously? Should I take full responsibility for the choice of activities,topics, and areas of language (after all, I am familiar with examination requirements, so I do know what my students should cover in class), or perhaps should I always make the effort of giving the learners as much choice as possible? Finally, should I become friends with my students (if it is possible at all), or maybe it's enough to concentrate on the material and evaluation and not expect toomuch openness and trust from teenagers?

The Classroom Teacher is responsible for creating a positive and disciplined learning environment:

in the classroom
in co-curricular activities
in interacting informally with students

In this way, each student is challenged to grow in knowledge and maturity, according to his potential, in all aspects of his life.

Areas of Responsibility:...
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