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1. Capital Cuernavaca
2. Extention 4,968 km2 (0.2% of nacional territory)
3. Population: 1 555 296 habitants
4. Municipalities: 33
5. Regions: high sierras, foothills, Valley.
6. Altitudes: Popocatepetl Peak: 5,482 meters
Cuernavaca Valley: about 1,500 meters

Huautla Region: 850 meters

7. Rivers and lakes: Most rivers begin in the foothills of Sierras like: Ajusco, Zempoala andPopocatepetl. Some rivers begin as springs this rivers are tributaries of Amacuzac. Important lakes include Tequesquitengo, Zempoala, Rodeo and Coatetelco.
8. Cultural influences incluye: Oaxaca, Teotihuacan, Maya, Mixteca, Zapoteca, Tolteca, and Mexica.


his Anthology talks about a Great State that is Morelos, about it’s history, geography, resources, flora, fauna and much more with thepurpose of everbody know the beutifulness of our State.

Morelos is one of the 31 States in Mexico, in this state a lot of this had happened and all of this is resumed in the anthology.

I wrote it in part thus I want to express my proudness of belong to Morelos, one of the most beautiful and wealthy in Mexico.
And also i wrote it thinking on who could take this knowledge by the people who need it.I hope that this Anthology, in a few years, can help other people to knowhow valuable, beautiful and wealthy is our state and also hope that will serve for the improvement of the material use in educational system.

I hope that whoever read this anthology can take what he want from here and please enjoy it.

Political Division

The State of Morelos is divided into 33 municipalitieswith a head or center of goverment for each one. The municipalities that basic all of the political, economic and administrative organization of the country. The capital of Morelos is Cuernavaca wich belongs to the municipality with the same name.

The Constitution of Morelos originally recognize 27 municipalities and they increase in number oficially during the 1930’s. The last 2 municipalitiesto be created were Temoac and Zacualpan.

In each municipalities there are civic, cultural, recreational and sports asociation wich organized activities to benefit their communities. The federal goberment is now promoting self-sufficency in the states and in their turn the municipalities. This means thet each municipalities can make it’s own decision manage it’s own resources.

Location andState Limits

Morelos is the second smallest stae in theRepublic after Tlaxcala. Morelos sources is aproximatly 4,968 square kilometers wich represent the 0.2% of the population. This coordinates show the exact location of any place on the earth`s surface. To determinatethis coordinates we use lattitud, longitud and altitude.
Lattitude:This is the distance north or south of any place at theequator.
Longitude: This is the distance of any place from meridian zero also call as Greewich meridian.
Altitude: This measure is the high of any point on the earth’s surface in relation to sea level .
The State of Morelos is located in the southern Central part od the Mexican Republic. Its extreme coordinates are 19º North to the North and 18º North to the South. It’s longitude is 98º West to theEast and 99º West to the West.


There are 2 kinds of borders natural and artificial. Natural borders are imaginary lines that use points such as mountains, hills, ravins, rivers, and lakes for reference. Artificial borders are imaginary lines designated by man and can be marked by signs stones or landmarks that show border limits. Morelos’es natural bordesrs are callen the Sierra ofZempoala, Ajusco, Huitzilac, Tepoztlan, and Popocatepetl in the north. The Amacuzac and Tepalcingo rivers in the south. The Sierra of Puebla and Nexapa River. The Oculian and Chalma rivers in the west.
Bodering States: Mexico borders with the Federal District in the North. The north east with the state of Mexico to the east and south east with the state of Puebla. To the south and south west...
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