Motivating environment

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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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Learning in a Motivating Environment

Traditional education, focus on teachers as the center of the teaching-learning process, there is an adult at the front of the classroom who provides theknowledge, students are nothing more than a passive element, they can only listen to what teachers have to say, no questions are allowed, therefore, no dialogues fit in this framework. “Education is anatural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment” (Montessori,1912)

Many pedagogues as Piaget (1977), Ferriere (1982) andFreire (1999) agree on the benefits show when students are included as an active part of the learning process, in order to foster long-lasting, sustained and meaningful knowledge. Memorize contents andtopics to get a good grade on the exams, should be not a realistic aim, since, in most of the cases, as soon as the exam is done, all the information is gone.

Motivating Environment
Children bynature are curious (Montessori, 1912) and they are, most of the time, willing to learn. In my teaching experience, a very important point is to make teaching materials relevant, and I would includeattractive, for children. By the use of the materials which students can manipulate, children are certainly learning by doing.
For mathematical purposes, it has not the same impact for them to memorizenumber combinations as: “one plus two equals three” than gave children three tiles and wait for the possible combinations for number three come up.
In math, for example, it is most significant forthem to manipulate dominoes tiles and actually count and say the numbers, this make easier the process of identify numerical symbols, rather than learning them and necessary go throw all the series toget to one particular number, instead of counting from 1 to 8, students are able to say eight by looking at the numerical representation.
By the time students know how to use the materials correct,...
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