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Most Popular Music Genre And Music In Venezuela
The History of Music is the study of different traditions and its order in time. In every epoca music changes and transforms itself in a new kind of music. We can like or dislike a kind of music because there are a lot of kinds for everyone.
Since every known culture has some form of musical expression, the history of music covers all societiesand eras.
The expression of emotions and ideas through music is closely related to all things, like feelings, biographies, culture, events that have passed, and is widely used as a form of expression.
In its broadest sense, music was born with man, more than 50,000 years ago, so It is therefore an universal culture.
Now we find music about life and things we use as our cell phone, the TV,computer, mp4, in movies, in our cars, on video games, at parties, some of these things did not exist in earlier times but still they enjoy music in their own way so we can say that we could not live without music.
Most Popular Music Genre
Most important musical styles of the last couple of years are:

* Soundtracks
    * Jazz
*Jazz fusion o Jazz rock
    * Pop
    * Rock
    * Heavymetal
    * Rap
    * Hip Hop
    * Electronics
    * Reggaeton
    * Punk
    * Ska
    * Reggae
    * Alternative

Soundtrack: From a musical standpoint, a soundtrack is the vocal and instrumental music composed expressly for a film fulfilling the function of enhancing those emotions that images alone are not able to express. Famous Composers soundtracks are Ennio Morricone (The Good,the Bad and the Ugly, The Mission, Cinema Paradiso ...), John Williams (Jaws, The Star Wars, Indiana Jones ...) or Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies).
Jazz: Jazz is a musical genre born in the XIX century in the United States that expanded globally over the entire XX century. Geographically, jazz emerged in the state of Louisiana, specifically in thearea of influence of New Orleans. The word jazz, referring to a genre, is written for the first time on March 6th 1913 in the San Francisco Bulletin.
Jazz is often played by formations that emphasize one instrument accompanied for a rhythm section. The training can be very variable, ranging from unaccompanied soloists, trios, quartets, quintets, to the great Big Bands in which improvisation playsa minor role.
The first bands that played jazz music was characterized by having a rhythm section whose function was melodic and evolve to consist of piano, bass and drums. Jazz pioneers include King Oliver, Freddie Keppard, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Buddy Bolden and Sidney Bechet.
Jazz fusion or Jazz rock: The Jazz rock or jazz fusion is one of the subgenres that developed in thelastest60s and earlys 70s. Initially framed with progressive rock, formed their own language and developed several lines of well-defined characteristics. The main groups settled in the United States, but also some interesting examples in Britain and other countries, including Spain and Latin America.
The '70s were the most visible decades for fusion, but the style has also been well representedduring more recent times.
The Jazz Fusion combines elements of jazz with other styles of music, particularly pop, rock, folk, reggae, R & B, hip hop, soul and / or electronic music.
Pop: The word pop is an abbreviation in English of popular. Is a music genre that developed in the XX century in England. Its major differences with other musical genres are in the clear, melodic vocals and percussionin the foreground and repeated linear.
The term "pop song" is first recorded as being used in 1926 in the sense of a piece of music "having popular appeal". Starting in the 1950s the term "pop music" has been used to describe a distinct genre, aimed at a youth market, often characterized as a softer alternative.
Some famous experts in this genre are: Madonna “The Queen of pop”, Michael...