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Break Dance The term was coined by the media to the dance known as B-boying, according to state a significant number of practitioners of this doctrine. It is thought that this name was for commercial reasons, and so some "B-boys" prefer to continue calling your original dance mode. Urban dance is a part of Hip-Hop culture emerged in the African-American neighborhoods as New Yorkers in the Bronxand Brooklyn 70. While it would reach the highest recognition in the 80's, thanks to the influence of artists like James Brown and films like Breakin 'movement that spread to European countries.
break dance born in the U.S., being derived from Up rocking, which in turn was derived from Charleston. Contrary to popular belief, do not dance break dance in conjunction with the Popping and Locking.These three dances (known as Funk styles) danced separately and, as a rule and especially now, with different music style. The belief that mixing dance steps of a dance style and the other is derived from the films that brought the dance from the U.S. to Europe. Which, to allow more commercial films, joined the three dances in the choreography of a film.

[Edit] dance a dance that combines a seriesof aerobic movements and rhythmic dances influenced from Aboriginal, martial arts, gymnastics, and funk. The list of movements is enormous and requires great dedication and discipline to take place. The B-boying moves can be classified into 4 branches: toprock (ball up), footw.ork (footwork), power moves (movimentos of power) and freeze (frozen).

movements these are the four kinds ofmovements.

Toprocks: Dancing feet. Simply follow the rhythm of the music and making it move in the most difficult (for a b-boy toprocking is necessary since this is the style of each one and this is as good style becomes very difficult to achieve, so you have to have a lot of discipline and passion). Some steps are the Indian toprock Step, Step Salsa, Brooklyn Step. Falls and down to ground level dropsare called

Footworks: These are the dance steps are made on the floor with hands and feet. The support simpler steps, most of the weight on the feet and the most complicated in the knees. There are several basic steps including: 6-step, 4-step, Babylove, pretzels, cc's, etc..

Powermove: They are often the most difficult and spectacular moves of B-boying that require greater physicalcapacity. Some of them are the Windmill, Munchmill, Flares, Airflares, Halos, 1990's and 2000's. this style of breakdance moves would be based on where you apply continuous force, money and speed.

Freezes: Are the movements in which the B-boy "freezes" for a moment the beat of the music. They are also the most difficult, require above all balance and range of motion. There the air freezes which keepsthe body still in the air, redundant, and with minimal support on the ground. there are the soil freezes which keeps the body by a low level in strange positions Some of the moves are babyfreeze, turtlefreeze, airchair, chair, nikefreeze, etc

Astrology is a set of beliefs that aims to understand and predict the fate of individuals, and with that knowledge to predict future events. Itinvolves getting to that knowledge by observing the position and movement of the stars. People who practice astrology claim that the positions of these influence or correlate with personality traits of people, important events in their lives, and even their physical characteristics.
The origins of astrology antigüedadLos mingle with those of astronomy, as virtually all civilizations have gone tothe stars trying to find out the fate of humans.

Astrology as we know, was born in Babylon more than 5 millennia. It was a mixture of religion, science and beliefs. The science studying the evolution of the stars over time, and detect and determine the occurrence of certain events. The religious part was trying to determine relationships between cosmic events and earthly events as the fall...
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