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For this assignment, you will need to write a descriptive paragraph about a place. The paragraph should describe one of the following: (a) a place that gives you a good feeling, (b) a placethat gives you a bad feeling, (c) a place that left a strong positive impression on you, (d) a place that left a strong negative impression on you. The feeling or impression will be apparent throughthe dominant impression that you create and through the kind of description that you provide. NOTE: Descriptions of houses are illegal. You must describe something other than a house.

REQUIREMENTSYour paragraph will include the following:

• An appropriate title.
• A topic sentence with a precise controlling idea that creates a dominant impression.
• Concrete details that help thereader “see” and “feel” the place you´re describing.
• A conclusion that reinforces the feeling created in the topic sentence.
• Correct use of coordinate and subordinate conjunctions.
• Sentencevariety (i.e., some complex sentences, some simple sentences, etc.).
• Correct use of standard conventions of grammar, spelling, and capitalization.
• Coherence (i.e., all supporting items related tothe topic sentence).


This Writing Assignment counts 20% of your Partial Grade.


First draft: Wednesday. Oct 20th
Final draft: Monday, November 1st.

ACADEMIC HONESTYPlagiarism, copy & paste from the internet, recycling assignments from previous semesters, and other forms of academic dishonesty WILL BE PUNISHED.


Work should be formatted asfollows:

|typed |double-spaced |
|sized to Arial 12 or Calibri 12 fonts|printed in black ink |
|printed clearly |printed on good-quality paper...
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