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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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Kevin Myung
Brooke Johnson
February 16, 2012
Prof. Dev. Co-op Marketing
Networking Assignment
For my student networking exercise, I interviewed Andrew Yi, a 3rd year student at NortheasternUniversity, majoring in business, concentrating in marketing. He completed his first co-op at EF (Education First) last semester, which is one of the co-ops that I’m most interested in.
As we began ourdiscussion, we first talked about what his job was at EF. Then, we talked about what duties this job entailed and what he did there on a daily basis. He told me that he was hired as a regionalaccount coordinator, which is the exact position I am currently applying for. He dealt with customers on a daily basis, talking them into working with EF and addressing any and all concerns that thecustomers had. His average day consisted of picking up the phone to talk to potential customers, and telling them all about what EF had to offer.
He proceeded to boast that EF had a very young team, whichmade the working environment very fun and competitive among the employees. He described the work to be extremely “chill,” and enjoyed going to work every day. He did admit that the pay wasn’t as highas the other jobs had offered, but he advised me that $13 per hour for a marketing job was average. Interestingly however, he did mention that emloyees are subject to a commission if they are able toconvince customers to work with EF. He told me that he’s won quite a handsome amount of commissions, which made up for the lower wage.
Lastly, I concluded the interview by asking him about co-op ingeneral and if he had any last advice for me. Andrew told me that the transition from school to work is not that great, but that time management is key. He told me to focus in school, even if I willbe in a co-op next semester, and maintain a good GPA. He told me that he was nervous the first time too. I told him about why I believe that I will be a strong candidate for EF and why I believe I...
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