Never cry wolf

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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Never Cry Wolf
Never Cry Wolf is a movie about a scientist going to Alaska to study wolfs. Wolfs killing the caribou is the problem Tyler, the scientist, answersin the movie. During his quest Tyler observes the wolves in Alaska. He found two very interesting wolves named George and Angie, they both caught Tyler’s eyes byshowing him that wolves aren’t vicious. Tyler experiences many adventures from running around with caribou to creating many delicious recipes for mice.
Tyler’squest’s purpose is to study why the caribou are dying. The wolves were being accused of killing the caribou in Alaska. People thought that the wolves should be killedso that nature is “controlled”. Although other people said that wolves only ate caribou they also ate mice, which Tyler had to try and found absolutely delicious.His results were that wolves ate about 10 mice per square foot.
Are the wolves responsible for killing the caribou? Tyler tried to answer that question. Wolvesshould not be exterminated. Hunters hunt more wolves than anything, by killing the wolves the predator-prey relationship. The hunting of wolves destroys the wolfpopulation, by minimizing this population the caribou population will increase, since then nature has turned its course.
If you ask me, the wolf population should havenever been questioned. The Alaskan government should not allow the hunting of wolves to protect the caribou population. Instead of dong that they should have notdone anything at all except stop the human population from hunting them. Nature will take its course and have as many or as little populations as nature wants.
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