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The thomeer method, pioneered & Shell in
the 1960s, uses a laboratory measure ant of the
volume of liquid mercury injected into a rock
sample as the pressure on the liquid mercuryincreases. The data typically are presented in
prots of fractional bulk volumen ocupied by
mercury versus pressure; the shape of the curve
contains information about the pore-throat sizes
the filling ofthe pore system with hydrocarbons.
The experiment uses air as the wetting phase---
Analogous to wáter in the reservoir --- and
mercury as the nonwetting phase --- analogous to
hydrocarbon in thereservoir—50 that pore
geometrical information is captured without
reservoir fluid wettability affects.
In the Thomeeer method. A single pore system
MICP curve can be described by oneThomer
Hyperbola, which is characterized by only three
Parameters: the pore-system porosity, the size of
The largest pore throat and pore geometrical
Factor that reflects the pore throat-sizedistribution.
The capillary- pressure behavior of complex pore systems is matched
By the superposition of multiple Thomer hyperbolae.
Specialized software perfoms interactive type-
Curve matchinginteractively in a manner
similar to pressure transient analysis ructhods.
This software a llows large volumes of MICP data
To be analyzed rapidly, helping scientists annd
Engineers quickly captureinformation about
Por geometries. The Thomeer parameters
Represent a wastly compressed and petro-
Physcally intuitibe dataset for the reservoir pore
Geometries thar can then be analyzed usingStatiscal methods
In the Arab-D limestones of Ghawar field the
Thomeer method is beimg used for saturation
Beight modeling, free-water ievel deermination
And evaluation of pore geometries, and isImproving the permeability models.
The Thomeer plts of cumulative volurae ocupied by
Mercury versus pore throat radius are used
To describe the overall. Analysis of the Firat
125 samples has...
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