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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Julian david castellanos
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CMR and Marketing.
Try to implement CRM software in an organization without knowing the concept of relationship management is a waste of time and cash.Not just defined at the management level but understood and practiced by all components of an organization.
The methodology of costumers relationship management (CRM) originated from thequestion of business to two specific situations:
* How to increase the sales
* How to keep customers
Markets grow in buyers but in competitors too. That thing have created customers moredemanding and experts of offers.
Competence always has existed. what today’s happen is that competence is more aggressive the same way than competitors. Its more accepted.
All experts about saturationrange and how difficult is to sell in competitive markets have recommended, first to focus activities to the market. That thing is made by one discipline called “marketing”. This is about a businessculture change.
There is one thing not to be forgotten, do what we do we always lose customers for many simple reasons that we know. No jus to be attractive for the competence or bad attention.Companies always lose customers but they have to try to avoid. The goal is to find more potential and real customers. The best way to do it is advertising campaigns. ( radio, tv, newspaper)
Internalmarketing and culture change.
Many people think that marketing is to manage the company just to outside. I have always thought that marketing has to be inside and outside.
First inside has a specialobject that is implement inside the company the marketing concept. In all components of the company. The second is to get the message to the objective marketing.
The organizational culture change,so it can be understood and to work in base to marketing is a proses that has to begin to the highest level. This way will permit it to get more things until it become of the most important way into...
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