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Understanding the jacksonian era
Jose Carlos

Jose Roberto escoto

Sady arias

Joshua solano


Caucuses and campaigns
The years of that AndrewJackson was president, they often referred to the Jacksonian era. How do he make spirit of democracy. The people of the Appalachians were judge by what they could do, soon the eastern region take thedemocracy, they take political methods, campaigns and parties devices. And speeches, parades, slogans and barbecues. And the peoples had voice in the political parties, that often chosen by the caucus aprivate group of person.

The spoil system
When President Jackson won. He gave to the party workers a place un the public office, when the senator Marcy of new York was added to the new system hesaid “to the victor belong to spoils” the spoil system became common in the politics. Spoil system was the property seized by the enemy. The president Jackson believed on the short-term governmentappointments. The spoil system opened up the political process to more people, it often pot unqualified people to the office.

Change in the west
When President Jackson came to Washington D.C theacre was sell 1.23$ per acre. But president Jackson changed all that, he created the national road, that traveled Cumberland, Maryland, west across the seven states .

Indian removal
When theunsettled land in the new western state became scared, whites demanded that the Indians were removed from their lands. In 1830 congress approved the Indian removal act, which consists in the Indians beingremoved from their lands on the east of the Mississippi river moved lands farther west. President Jackson help them, getting funds to help him to moved .
The sac and fox tribes in Illinois wereforced to move to the west Mississippi but the Indian chief black hawk led them to stay there, the leader black hawk was capured, many sac and fox were killed in the black hawk war.
The abolition...
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