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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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(Michel de Notre-Dame, Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France, 1503 - Hall, 1566) French physician and astrologer, famous for the prophecies published in 1555 under the title The truecenturies and prophecies, which anticipates the future of mankind until the end of the world, which stood in the year 3797.

Jean Aimes de Chavigny, judge of the city of Beaune in 1548 and a doctorate inlaw and theology, informs us fully of the early years of the enigmatic prophet, "Michel Nostradamus, the man most famous and the most famous of those who have become famous long been inferred by thepreaching of knowledge of the stars, was born in the village of Saint-Remy in Provence, the year of 1503, a Thursday December 14, around noon. His father's name James of Nostredame, notary of the place,his mother, Renata de Saint-Remy. His paternal and maternal grandparents went through very wise in mathematics and medicine, having received it from their parent’s knowledge of their ancientrelatives. "

These ancestors were Jewish, the tribe of Issachar, apparently rich in fortune tellers. Around 1480, a royal edict had threatened all the Jews of Provence with confiscation if not converted, sothe grandfather of our prophet, named Abraham, Solomon thought it was more practical baptized to lose everything. He took the surname of Nostredame, later Michel Nostradamus latinizaría and become,in an attempt to clothe it with dignity and mystery. So, Nostradamus was born a Catholic and surrounded by sages who soon initiated him into the depths of mathematics, which at that time meant delveinto astrology, and also in the art of medicine and pharmacy.

From an early age he learned to handle the astrolabe, meet the stars and describe the fate of men in their seemingly capriciousconjunctions. In Avignon and Montpellier studied literature, philosophy and medicine as well, amazing friends and teachers for their strange powers and his infallible memory. He was twenty years old when,...
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