Nuclear energy

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2011
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International Finance. Group 12 M
Professor: Dr. Flory Dieck

The Opportunity or Thread of Nuclear Energy
Second Stage
Dilemma selected: Global Warming

Moisés López Catache 1087468 #22
Guillermo Reed Frausto 1260586 #23
Karen Willis Hinojosa 619309 #
Roberto Díaz Bárcenas 804584 #

Roles Selected for thedevelopment of this stage:

+Environmental Expert: Moisés López Catache

+Technology and Energy Expert: Roberto Díaz

+Nuclear Energy Expert: Guillermo Reed Frausto

+ Ethics and Human Rights Expert: Karen Willis


INTRODUCTION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
GLOBAL WARMING---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4, 5, 6
ETHIC CONFLICT AROUNF THE GLOBAL WARMING ----------------------------- 6, 7, 8
ENERGY PRODUCTION -----------------------------------------------------------9, 10, 11, 12, 13
NUCLEAR ENERGY -----------------------------------------------------------------------14, 15, 16
ETHIC AND HUMANISTIC EFFECT IN MEXICO ---------------------------------- 16
CONCLUSION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26
BIBLIOGRAPHY --------------------------------------------------------------------------27, 28


The possible decision of looking for an alternative for the clean energy in Mexico has been a relevant topic over some past decades in thecountry. Sometimes it has been completely discarded, but some other times it has been a priority discussion.
One of the most mentioned alternatives some years ago was the nuclear energy. Because of different reasons it lost its strength as a proposal, and people started forgetting about it. But as the context of our country changes, so do the needs and goals. In recent years the idea of changingto nuclear energy as the primary production of energy to the country has started to been taken into account.
We believe that there exist many relevant reasons to support nuclear energy as the right alternative to Mexico. One of the most important is that we think that global warming has become a really significant element for the world’s future. We are going to present why preventing globalwarming is so relevant for today’s society, and why nuclear energy is the best option to produce energy compared with some other alternatives related to this.


Global Warming is the name that the scientists have give to the effect in the last years in which global temperature has been raising over the optimal levels. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, GlobalWarming has been occurring as a result of the rising levels of greenhouse effects in the earth atmosphere. These gases stay on the atmosphere creating a layer that stops the heat from leaving the planet, and therefore generating a higher temperature. The gas that is present in higher quantities causing this effect is the Carbon Dioxide CO2 (NRDC, 2008). Now a day’s many countries and industries havebeen working on developing alternatives to reduce the emission of these gases, and there has been actually a reduction, but is still not enough to place the Global Warming as a harmless effect. The main cause of emitting Carbon Dioxide are the plants that generate energy.
The Global Warming effect started in XIX century with industrial revolutions, when man started to develop technologies thatrelease different quantities of greenhouse effects. But the critical rise appeared about fifty years ago, and until today the process seems to be accelerating and is not good for the future.
We find out, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, interesting information about which are the countries with highest amounts of CO2 emissions(Union of concerned Scientist 2010). We think this...