Nuclear weapon disarment

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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This essay establish the hypothesis that nuclear disarmament will make a big improvement to any kind of human threat caused by this massive destruction weapons.
First we need to specify that nuclearweapons are extremely linked with nuclear power, so before we go further, let’s explain the concept of nuclear power: Nuclear power is basically the power produced from controlled nuclear reactions.In spite of all its various disadvantages, nuclear power has gained extensive fame as one of the most proficient substitute energy supply in the world. Nuclear power constitutes the 15 % of powerproduction worldwide. In the United States, nuclear energy powers 20 percent of the total electricity consumption. So from where does this power come from? It is produced in controlled environment byheating water to such an extent that it becomes steam and rotates the turbines to produce power. Nuclear power plants are fueled by radioactive elements, such as enriched uranium, plutonium or thorium.These elements are placed in the nuclear reactors, wherein each atom is allowed to split apart. This splitting, technically referred to as 'nuclear fission', releases energy in vast amounts. This energyis in turn used to heat water, in order to convert it to steam. The steam rotates the turbines in the plant, which in turn forces the coils of wire to interact with a magnetic field and produceselectricity.
Big and powerful nations are the ones that are in control of this power, because they have all the capacities to finance a project like creating nuclear power, this powerful nations had beenleaders of the world even before they had in their possession materials to produce nuclear power, therefore nuclear power applied to weapons that ends in the result of nuclear bombs as the mostimportant of all.
Nuclear weapons have been known in the world since World War 2 and have been used, by one important nation during the attacks to Japan in the Second World War. This nation we are...
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