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Chief of the tribe: dear friends, we are going through trying times, we must look to the four elements to help us.(He goesto the hut of his mother)
Sage of the tribe: (sick) child, who take care of you when I depart to another world...
Chief of the tribe: rests dear mother, I willgo in search of the shaman to make you a healing ritual (The head of the tribe in search of the shaman, in the remote mountains of Europe)
Chaman: to havecome to me?
Chief of the tribe: have come looking for you to help me make a ritual of healing for my mother, knew of the tribe. (Together part to Lakota tribe)Shaman: quiet, which makes is the following, shut up the hut and sheds water and medicinal herbs on red-hot stones creating an atmosphere conducive to deepclean physical, emotional and mental (The shaman begins his ritual, isolating the tribe of the place)
After two hours...
Shaman: (tired out from the hut) was aritual punishment of all our harmony with the earth and the cosmos. There we were born as babies and the earth.
Sage of the tribe: (dizzy out of the hut) I feelas if born of a woman and all things come from the earth.
Chief of the tribe: (happy) I'm glad you're okay mother and you do not know how you shaman I will beable to thank...
Chaman: be at peace with the earth and the cosmos is more rewarding and even the best thanks you can give me is your happiness.
(That was theday that the tribe of the Lakota saw how his tribe came the gods of the four elements of the world, and knew the tribe was called THE WAY OF BEAUTY.
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