Oil and gas

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GE Oil & Gas

Positive Displacement Compressors
Oil-free rotary screw

Oil-free rotary screw
For applications where process gas conditions and gas composition may vary, oil-free rotary screw compressors offer the best of both worlds – the reliability and rotary motion of centrifugal compressors plus the surge-free performance of positive displacement (reciprocating) compressors. Screwcompressors are also the best choice for applications in which no other compressor can operate economically. They can easily handle dirty, polymerforming process gases and process gases with entrained liquids.

Single-source solutions
GE integrates its extensive line of oil and gas products and services to provide customers with single-source access to a full array of comprehensive solutions: • • •• Upstream — wellhead & production Midstream — transportation & storage Downstream — refineries & petrochemicals Industrial Plants — turnkey design of integrated industrial applications • Global Services — installation, startup and aftermarket services including: Conversions, Modifications & Uprates (CM&Us); Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs); Multivendor Solutions; Reliability, Availability,Maintainability (RAM) Engineering and e-Services Advanced engineering We provide top-quality engineering talent, resources and advice from project start to finish. Our engineering teams work to meet your needs with cost-effective, creative expertise. Every one of our compressors is carefully designed to ensure its suitability for your specific application and operating conditions. Our experiencedengineering staff carefully review every specification. World-class production cycle time We provide personal service that concentrates on your needs and deadlines. Fast-track projects are not a problem. Single-source responsibility A single project manager is responsible for your entire project, minimizing the demands on your time and resources. This individual coordinates all of the design/buildwork and helps you put the system into operation. Complete testing and review From our computer-based project management system to our aggressive component testing program, quality is our priority. Help you can rely on Experienced field service technicians are available to supervise the installation and start-up of your unit, and to provide maintenance instruction and training. We can alsosupport your operation with the highest quality replacement parts and repairs.

Designed for long-term durability and dependability
For more than 40 years, GE engineers have worked closely with customers to build cost-effective, high quality equipment. Many companies in the petrochemical, refining and natural gas industries rely on our compressors and compressor systems to provide strong, dependableperformance in a variety of demanding long-term applications. Our systems are designed and manufactured in-house using the most advanced computerized design tools, drafting systems and numerically controlled machine tools. Our people are specialists in the systems and equipment we build, and our customers have come to depend on our knowledge and professional support.

How it works
Compressionis achieved by the intermeshing of a male and a female rotor. As the rotors turn, the location of the intermeshing of the rotor lobes moves from the suction port to the discharge port; correspondingly, the gas in the rotor pockets - contained by the intermeshing - is compressed and expelled. Oil-free rotary screw compressors rely on tightly controlled rotor-to-rotor and rotor-to-casing clearancesto prevent internal recirculation of the compressed gas from discharge to suction. Timing gears synchronize rotation of the male and female rotors preventing metal-tometal contact and eliminating the need for oil injection.



1 Precise rotors and shafts • Machined from carbon steel forgings or special-use rotor materials • Optimized rotor profile • Critical internal clearances...