Ojitos de angel por ramon fonseca

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Ater supper, mutti hums as she dresses for her job .Helmuth turns on mutti´s old radio. It´s a luxury to have radio, Each month she pays a tax to the reichspost, twists the dial and finds the Reichstation, the RRG.

Thousands of flag-waving revelers are lining Germany's streets.

Helmuth glances at the clock. It's nearly seven. Hans and Gerhard are still not home. He can barely stand , he'sconvinced that they are in the city center.

And later, when they return home, they will rub it in , that they are old enough to participate in the celebration.

Your brothers will be home soon.Oma will come over to tuck you in. Mutti say.

She feels bad, Helmuth can tell, he's eight. Old enough to put himself to bed, he turns up to the volume on the radio, he imagines the strees boomingwith Nazi storn troopers, marching and singin.

Betneath the singin, Helmuth feels the drums, call him to duty , he run down to the inner city to join the marchers.

The door cracks ope. It'sOma come to shoo Helmuth to bed. Your mother spoils you, letting you stay up this late she says .

it's cold without Gerhard and Hans to warm the bed, he said Germany needs soldiers.

He tries tonstay awakw, but somehow he falls asleep. By morning the radio is quiet , and there lie Gerhard and hans.

As their new chancellor, Hitler promises to protect Germany from communists. He alsopromises to restore greatness to Germany , and he calls upon the German people to join in.

See? Hitler wants whta's best for us. He wins the kingdom by flattery, just nas the Bible warns us , but like itor not, Hitler's our chancellor now.

"Mutti", Helmuth . "I was dreaming". About a saparrow. God watches over sparrows . The sparrows guides the soul to heaven. "Now go to sleep".

Adolf Hitlehas pronunced the raging fire a Communist plot, cries the newscaster, "Burning out of control".

More swastika flags hatch overnigth, and the next day theyb flutter like bright birds from...