Oraciones simples en ingles ( vervo gerundio)

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NL: 44

Tarea del 10 de febrero del 09 para el 12 de febrero del o9

Oracionessimples en pasado

1.-I hear her music.

2.-Everyone was playing.

3.-I like dolls.

4.-before they played the guitar.

5.-before my teacher made me review.

6.-I like when wewere all children.

7.-in the garden of children was most happy.

8.-I played with my ball.

9.-I eat lots of meat.

10.-I consider the primary.

11.-I was in love with him.12.-He was mine.

13.- I saw those shoes before.

14.- I got that shirt before me home.

15.- I like romantic music before.

16.- She loved that car black.

17.- the callus is that bikeyesterday.

18.- all adored this baby.

19.- before my computer was broken.

20.- I did not like before a bath.

21.- before had more friends.

22.- They were dancing.

23.- I studiedlong time ago.

24.- I was listening to music.

25.- doing the homework.

26.- She was at a party.

27.- They were painting their nails.

28.-I was playing play station.

29.- I wassome time in the street.

30.- I was writing a few sentences.

Oraciones simples en presente

1.- she listens to music.

2.- all are playing.

3.- I like dolls.

4.- They play theguitar.

5.- my teacher made me review.

6.- I like when we were all children.

7.- in the garden of children was most happy.

8.- I play with my ball.

9.- I have dinner a lot of meat.10.- I study the primary.

11.- I love it.

12.- he's mine.

13.- I see those shoes today.

14.- I wear this purple shirt.

15.- I like romantic music.

16.- she likes the blackcar.

17.- this is the bike that Callender today.

18.- all love that baby.

19.- my computer is broken.

20.- I do not like bathing.

21.- i have more friends.

22.- They are...
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