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a. Complete the sentences with from the box
And or beucase

1.You should eat fruit and vegetables
2.You should milk beucase it has calcium
3.You shouldn’t eatcandy, cakes or food with a lot of sugar
4.You should eat five kinds of fruit because the give you vitamins
5.Yous hould eat cereal beucase it gives you energy and provides fiber
6.You shouldn’tgo to bed late and eat junk food

a. Complete the sentences with expressions from the box
If were you, i would if were you, i wouldn’t

A:i have acné
B: 1)if i were you iwouldn’t eat

A:i want to lose weight
B:2)if iwere you i would do
More exercise

A:i am always tired
B:3)if i were you i wouldn’t go to
Bed so late

A:i get colds often
B:4)if iwere you i would drink
More orange juice

b. work in pairs . math the two parts of the expressions
with the expression we use

1.if i were you i would…2 studyng (gerund)

2.the best thing for you is… 3 to study (infinitive)

3.try… 1 study (baseform)

a, work in pairs. Complete the recommendations with wors from the box

1. you should drik a glass of warm milk
before you go to bed

2. if i were you i wouldwash my face
with soap twice a day

3. try getting more sleep

4. don’t touch the pimples

5. the best thing to do is to clean the cut
with wáter

6. if i were you i would stayhome

d. use the informatin in the boxes to make a suggestion for problema

They shoud | I would take it to the veterinary |
Shall i | Is to go to the hospital |
The bestthing for him | immediately |
Why doesn’t she | Stay in bed |
If i were you | Make you some hot tea? |
| Go to the dentist? |

1. Sue and matt have a fever
They should stay in bed
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