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Feria de Manizales

Starting a corrida de toros
The Manizales Fair, held annually in the Colombian city of Manizales, known for its bullfighting season and by the International Coffee Reinado. Celebrated Spanish roots, imitating some of their customs, but also with many constumbres Colombia, especially the Andean region begins the first weekend of the year and ends the next. Thefestival features cultural, artistic and sporting activities.
La Feria de Manizales, was appointed in 2006 as the nation's cultural heritage.
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History [edit]
In 1954, while Botero Hoyos Oscar roamed the streets of the Feria de Abril , held in Seville (Spain), accompanied by Roberto Cardona Arias, had a great dream: La Feria de Manizales.
With the support of Mario Escobar Velez, Mayorof Manizales at the time, and under the impulse of people to create a feast for the centennial celebration of the city, started the show featuring large bullfighting posters and parades of women dressed as sevillanas in rustic carts. Because of its appeal, the shows were growing inside her reign as the International Coffee with the bullfighting season become the main events.
But the Fair has not beenimmune to natural disasters. As a result of a powerful earthquake in late 1979 the fair to be held in 1980 was suspended, taking place only the bullfighting season.
The Fair has become a great event that brings together the manizaleños to share, with foreign and domestic

|History of the Feria de Manizales|
|  |
| |
|[pic] | |Born in 1951 to mark the centenary of thecity. It began with the presentation of large |
| | |bullfighting posters and a parade of Manolo in rustic carts. Because of its appeal, the shows |
| | |were growing inside her reign as the International Coffee with the bullfighting season, become|
| | |themain event, around which develops the Fair  |
| |
|The celebrations of the centenary of the founding of Manizales, 1950, favored short bullfight season, but the show as such, was born in the |
|imaginationof Oscar Hoyos Botero, when in the company of Roberto Cardona Arias, walked the streets of Seville Fair in 1954 and watching it, |
|wanted to make a similar festival in the city.  |

| | |
|In 1955 he made the first version which was led by the architect José María Gómez Mejía and |  |[pic] |
|his wife Mariela Gomez Lopez, mayor of the city being Dr. Mario Velez Escobar. Since 1958 the | | |
|Institute of Culture and Tourism awarded by the jury, the Cordon of the Fair"Mario Escobar | | |
|Velez, who are deserving persons or entities who have made the Fair wins national prestige. | | |
|  |  |
| In January 1957 created the...
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