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An email message is made up of several parts. They include:
• Header - It contains information about the sender, the routing andthe time of the message. The header always contains a subject line. This is a very important part of the message and you should always include asubject line. Some folks sort their messages by subject, so it is rude to not include a subject! The subject line indicates the purpose or content of themessage. To the reader most readers will see the sender, those that the email was sent to and/or CCed, date and time of the message and the Subject Line.The hidden portion contains information about the routing and usually is only important to those technical type who are troubleshooting a problem.
•Message body, where you write your message (The text of the email)
• Signature, which identifies the sender. This part is optional and must be set upinside of your email software. Many email programs can be set to entered this line automatically on all emails sent.
The parts to an email looksomething like this:
Subject: When can we meet?
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 10:04:11 –0500

When canwe get together to work on our project? I am available any time this week after 5:00 PM. But I do have some other appointments next week. I would liketo meet before we have our next class so email me and let me know what would work for you.

Jane A. Alverno
Student, Alverno College
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