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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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The research of Embryonic Stem- Cell and the Position of Catholic Church.
Controversy between Catholic Church and scientific researches has existed since many years ago, stating Catholic religion on the side of preservation of innocent life and ethic. We can see this battle in such cases as abortion, euthanasia, among other. The position of the Church inthese issues is always against them because its mission is to care about life in world and respect to the identity of human beings. The Church is not against science and technologic, but it is against to sacrifice innocent life for scientific proposes, as in the case of Embryonic Stem-Cells (ESC). Each country’s government has decided whether to pass or not laws that allow these researches. In US,bishops and priest have even asked to Government and the president for not authorizing fund to such an immoral scientific research. Catholic Church has nothing against Stem-Cell research. In fact, it supports and stimulates other researches of Stem-Cells. But it argues that is totally unacceptable to use human beings as a “disposable biological material”.
In the particular case of US’s Church,bishops and priest support other methods of Stem-Cells research (such as Stem-Cell research using adult tissue and umbilical cord blood), as long as they do not be disrespectful with human being’s life or destroy human embryo, like ESC research does. This procedure consists in making and “in vitro” fertilization with the purpose of extracting the embryo when this is in the stage of blastocyst. It isextracted to use its cells, which are not differentiated yet, and which are able to create any functional cell of the human body. Stem- Cells are useful to cure serious diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. But even if an embryo is the earliest stage of human life, it is considered as a human being with identity and rights. Thus, US Government should not authorize funding federal to ESCresearch because is an immoral and anti-ethic method to cure serious diseases.
Pro- life organizations wonder why to use that method when there are other methods which are not anti- ethic and even more effective. Although the ESC are the ones which can be manipulated and grown into any type of cell in the human body (that is the reason scientists prefer them), it has been proved that Stem-Cells fromembryos tend to be rejected in more cases by human tissue, in comparison with Stem-Cell from adults (commonly removed from spinal cord). ESC can also produce tumors from rapid growth when they are injected into adult patients. In conclusion, they have far distant possibilities of successful clinical applications. On the other hand, even when adult Stem-Cells have restricted differentiation and theydo not proliferate as well as ESC, they have abundant clinical applications current. Other alternative sources for adult Stem-Cell can be placenta, umbilical cord blood and possible fat cells.
The means used to reach cures for serious diseases and to save lives must be moral and noble, as the intentions of these causes. There is no sense in making researches in favor of saving life if the meansare anti-ethic and immoral. The end does not justify the means. In a document of US’s bishops about their position on ESC issue, clearly says that “the false assumption that a good end can justify direct killing has been the source of much evil in our world”.
Many scientists keep saying that an embryo is just a group of not differentiated cells and it is not yet a full developed body. Since themoment an ovule is fertilized by a spermatozoid, a new person begins his/her life. Though those cells are not developed yet, being an embryo is a condition that every human being had once. Any of us would not exist if someone would have used or destroyed the embryo that we were. The embryo stage cannot be considered as a simple mass of cells. It is a human subject with defined identity, who will...
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