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Upgrading Pathloss version 3.0
Pathloss version 3.0 update to the June 1998 build
This build corrects installation problems on certain computers running later versions of Windows95 and Windows 98. If your computer is unable to read the Setup Disk and continues to prompt to insert the Setup Disk in Drive A, the program must be updated to the June 1998 build. The update procedure modifies thefiles on Program Disk 1 and on the Setup Disks and reinstalls the program.
Step 1 - Download maintenance files
Download the following files to a temporary directory on your computer:
[plw_inst.exe] and [plw_mu.exe]
These are both WinZip self extracting executable files. The file PLW_MU.EXE contains replacement files for Program Disk 1. The file PLW_INST.EXE contains replacement files for theSetup disks.
Close all programs including Windows Explorer.
Step 2 - Upgrade program disk 1
In this step, the existing files on Program Disk 1 will be overwritten with new files. Alternately you can use a blank formatted high density (1.44 Mb) floppy disk to create a new Program Disk1.
Place the Program Disk 1 (or the blank disk) in drive A and execute the program PLW_MU.EXE. Click OK on the"Pathloss 3.0 Maintenance Update - June 8, 1998" message box.
Click Unzip to update or create a new Program Disk 1.
Step 3 - Upgrade the Pathloss setup disk
Place the Setup Disk in drive A and execute the program PLW_INST.EXE. Click OK on the "Pathloss 3.0 Setup Update - June 8, 1998" message box.
The "Overwrite Files Without Prompting" box must be checked. Leave the "When Done Unzipping RunA:\SETUP \U" box check if you wish to immediately reinstall the program.
Click Unzip to update the Setup Disk. Note that a password may be required to reactivate thehard disk lock. Contact CTE for this password. We will require the serial number of the Setupdisk.
If the error message "Error writing to A:\.... Possible cause: disk full" appears and the programterminates, proceed as follows:
Thecomplete setup disk contains the following files:
^Name ^Size ^ ^ |SERIAL.NUM |18 |original file - unchanged | |INSTALL.EMF |41,036 |updated file | |INSTXXXX.EXE|143,360|original file - unchanged. | |PLINST95.EXE|170,496|updated file - required for Windows 95/98 only| |PLINSTNT.EXE|169,472|updated file - required for Windows NT only | |SETUP.EXE |92,268 |updated file | |PLW_INST.HLP|29,172 |originalfile - unchanged | |DISK_0.LST |108 |updated file | |INSTALL.WMF |19,594 |original file - unchanged |
Erase any file which are not in this list and rerun the PLW_INST.EXE program. The file INSTXXXX.EXE must not be erased.
If the "When Done Unzipping Run A:\SETUP /U" box has not been checked, then click Start - Run and enter the command line A:\SETUP /U (the letter U must be a capital).
Completethe installation in response to the prompts.
Key disk issues
The usual causes of problems with Version 3.0 on Windows NT, 2000, ME are not having administrator privileges, conflicts with anti-virus software and trying to run Setup.exe from File Explorer. Please confirm that you have permission to install software on the computer, disable any anti-virus software and always run Setup.exe from theSTART - RUN window. Pathloss version 3.0 has never been tested on Windows XP and is not supported. Version 3.0 is a 16 bit program designed for Windows 3.1. Pathloss version 4.0 will operate on all newer Windows operating systems.
If the problem persists, you should try installing the program on another machine. If the program still does not initialize you can return the disk to CTE and we willreplace it :
Our address:
Attention Warranty Services
Please declare the value of the disk as $0 and warranty return to avoid any customs delays.
Hard disk lock problems
Hard disk lock re-initialization required
When the Pathloss program is started the following Message appears "Hard Disk Lock Re-Initialization Required", followed by a prompt to place the...
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