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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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The Minor Pentatonic Scale © 2003 Jim Conquer

In this article we will explain the Minor Pentatonic Scale and how it is formed. Firstly, I must stress the need for thereader to cover the Natural Minor Scale theory article prior to this.

To form the Minor Pentatonic Scale, we first take the Natural Minor Scale (Previous article) and by selecting only the first,third, fourth, fifth and seventh tones from the scale, we form the pentatonic. As follows, in the A Minor Pentatonic Scale, we have A, C, D, E and G notes ascending and descending.

Using our fingerboard diagram below, we can then form the Minor Pentatonic Scale pattern as follows:

Notes and their positions on the fingerboard

String Numbers 1=E / 2=B / 3=G / 4=D /5=A / 6=E
2 F G A B C D E
3 C D E F G A B
4 E F G A B C D
5 B C D E F G A
6 F GA B C D E

Beginning on the 6th string we play: 6th String A, C
5th String D, E4th String G, A
3rd String C, D2nd String E, G
1st String A, C

The Minor Pentatonic Scale can be used to play over many chord sounds, and these will beillustrated in the Pentatonic Chords article to follow. The scale name, Pentatonic is derived from the fact that there are only five notes present within it (Penta) (Pentagon has five sides also), the...
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