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Romeo and Juliet Essay
Before starting it is necessary to point out that Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular and widely read author, where it is a mixture of first love, with passion, thedesire to be together, sadness, romance, obstacles rivalry, melancholy and a series of feelings that make the story is captivating.
As Shakespeare able to reflect the differences and rivalry betweentwo families of the same ancestry and how they look now.
 But clear differences, demarcated by the leader of each family where they arrive.
To hate for generations for some kind of conflict in thepast and creating a kind of family law that will continue long past this hatred between families, without being so the opportunity to form new bonds of friendship, but that is where the Shakespeare'splot, manages to join in the middle of this rivalry, two characters such as Romeo, a member of the Montague family and Juliet in the family of the Capulets, two powerful families wealthy with classname but is there where rivals are these characters and created a love so pure that, for most families to oppose, no one on earth can separate.
But it is clear that for fear of that rivalry and facethe charges in each family are especially for younger children, which goes to look for who to marry regardless of any sense of the people, but if nursing image and status have always had the respectablebourgeois family, giving satisfaction to the head of the house with all its members, a mistake that would later be converted into a tragedy for both families for this type of constraint, where thecase out of this marriage must be looking for any type of output, such as the making of potions on the part of Juliet, who somehow fanciful as it were trying to get out of the problem you have got towake up their families and found two with her beloved Romeo and well live happily for the rest of his days, but all is not rosy man really believes this dead and decides to meet her in eternity...
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